Dealing With Comics For Over 50 Years

Harrison’s Comics and Pop Culture is your one stop shop for anything and all things pop culture! Our staff will be sure to help you with al you needs around the store! Feel free to stop by and pick our brains.

Comic Books

Comics. Comics! And MORE COMICS! We’ve got so may comics we’re running out of room! We’ve got selections from all ages of comics: Golden, Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Modern Age.

Golden / Silver Age

Our bins are busting with old Marvel and DC, Dell, Charlton comics, Classics Illustrated, and more!

Bronze / Copper Age

We’ve got an even heftier collection of 80’s and up for virtually every publishing company out there!


Every Wednesday is new comic book day! Which means plenty of new reading material from all of your favorite publishers! And we have tons of variants! (Don’t forget to ask about our weekly subscription service in-store only)


Gaming and Card Product


Currently stocking all new products for Pokemon! Including Japanese Booster Boxes. Plus, don’t forget to check our case filled with single cards, from base ser to new V/Vmax cards. And everything in between! We pick up collections daily and our stock is always changing. We even have a selection of graded cards!

Other TCG

We are currently stocking the newest sets of MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Super, Digimon, and My Hero Academia. Don’t forget to ask about our singles as well!

Board Games

We are currently expanding our board game inventory. Check our games such as Catan, Gloomhaven, and Mansions of Madness! We would love to hear from you, as well, of product we could carry in the future!

Dungeons and Dragons / Role Playing

We carry all new D&D manuals (5th edition), as well as used older manuals, dice sets, and miniatures.


We’re Dog (Pet) Friendly!

Everyone on staff is an avid animal lover! We always encourage visitors to bring their companions with them when they stop by! It brightens our day every time!

Our Regular pups always know there’s a treat waiting here for them the next time they’re in!


We are committed to helping our customers find exactly what they’re looking for. Speak with a staff member, and we’ll help you in any way we can. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response via email or DM.

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